#1 Question asked: Is the item available?  This is not Marketplace. Click on the thumbnail pic for a detail page. You will see the quantity available. Most website items are singles. There is no need to call or write me. If it says that one is available, feel free to place your order.

#2 Question asked: Is this a real sign or a cheap copy from China?  I never have and never will carry the cheap aftermarket signs readily available online. If you want cheap, there are tons of websites, including sellers on eBay, for you to make a purchase. After 39 years, I’m a brewery collector FIRST, a dealer second.

What if I receive my order and decide that I don’t like it? How do I return it?  Being a small company, I don’t allow any returns, regrets or otherwise. Know what you’re buying…don’t buy on a whim or impulse. I do my best to provide accurate descriptions. In the event that you have a question that I didn’t cover, please call or write me first. In the highly unlikely event that you bought an item from me that was improperly graded, contact me and I’ll make it right. I want every one of my customers to be happy with their purchase.

How do I get expedited shipping?  Simply call, text, or email me for any overnight shipping requests. I have to manually handle those transactions.

How long does it take for my order to ship out?  Most small items ship out same day or next day. Neon signs can take up to 2 days to ship, depending on order volume.

How do you ship your products?   Medium to large website items are shipped via insured UPS Ground. Small items ship Priority Mail or First Class Mail.

Do you send me a tracking number for my order?  Yes. When your shipping label is generated, you will receive an automated email from the carrier with the tracking information.

Can I place a phone order? I don’t trust keying my info online.  Absolutely! Phone orders can be taken 9am to 5pm most days. However, don’t hesitate to place your order online…my cart has the latest software to keep your information as safe as possible.

What happens if my neon sign is damaged in transit?  All neon signs are shipped and insured with UPS. In the event of damage, there is an instructional sticker on the box top. Follow those instructions to be eligible for insurance. A driver will pick up the damaged package, send it to a UPS station for inspection, and finally returned to me. A full refund will be issued after UPS is in possession of the damaged package.

I live in Canada and I tried to place an order. All that I got was an error message? Don’t you ship outside of the US?  Absolutely! I ship worldwide, depending on the particular package size limitations for your country. All  international shipments are handled via UPS. Since the shopping cart is configured for US sales only, simply call me or email me with your item list and postal code. I’ll verify that the items can ship to your country and email you an estimated shipping cost. After packaging to obtain an exact weight, I’ll send a Paypal invoice to your email address for payment and your box will ship out the next business day.

How do I know if an item is in stock?  Every item for sale on the website has a detail page. Simply click on the thumbnail pic. That page will give a description along with how many are available for purchase. I do my best to keep the site updated. If it shows available, there’s no need to contact me…simply place your order.

Do you drop ship items that are on your website?   No. I own and store every item listed for sale on the website. If it’s available, it’s in one of my 3 warehouses.

Is BeerNeonsForSale.com a group of individual dealers selling from different areas of the US?  No. There is one seller here and that’s me, George. I own the website, I handle all calls and emails, I pack all orders myself. 

What kind of warranty do you have on your neon signs?   I warranty that the sign will be delivered to you in fully operational condition. There is no warranty past that, as I have no warranty offered to me that can be passed on to you.

Do you make the signs that you sell?   No. I buy and sell authentic brewery issued neon signs. If you are shopping with a sign website that actually makes their beer signs, then you are buying illegally made copies. There are a ton of these websites out there on the Net producing non-original signs that hurt the hobby for all of us. These cheap signs usually include “free shipping”. They are located in Hong Kong and China, as well as the US.

How do you pack your neon signs?  All signs are double-boxed per UPS guidelines using 200# cardboard boxes custom made for my company. I use shipping foam for cushion in both boxes.

Why is your shipping cost so high on neon signs? All neon sign shipping charges are based on “dimensional weight”, not actual weight. In other words, how much room it takes up in the UPS truck. Most average size signs double-boxed may only actually weigh 15 – 18 pounds. However, the dimensional weight will be in the 55 – 80 pound range, based on the size of the box.  Again, there is no “free shipping” with neon signs. I charge a fair price on the sign and whatever UPS charges me for your shipment.

Do you combine shipping on multiple items?   Yes, I’ll combine items when possible and refund any shipping charges back to your cc. Neon signs and mirrors are the only exception…they must travel in their own individual box. Sometimes, small items can be included inside a neon shipment to save on shipping cost. If I feel it’s safe to do so, I will save you money where I’m able.

I don’t live too far from you. Can I pick up my order instead of shipping?  Absolutely! Simply call me with your order and we can set up a pick-up time that works for both of us.

Which is better…neon or LED?  The breweries have moved to LED signage for advertising as they are somewhat cheaper to manufacture. In addition to initial cost, there’s not as many damage expenses incurred later as there are no glass tubes to break. The sign companies are making them much better than 5 years ago…many of them look like real neon until you get up close. Most LED signs are retailed lower than the same design in neon tubing.

That’s most of the good in regards to LED signs. The biggest issue is the lifespan. Nobody has any idea how long the signs will last. I don’t think the breweries care about the sign lasting more than a year up in a store window, as they’re cheap enough to replace on a regular basis. The signs are nothing but a hard plastic shell with LED strips and a couple of chips/boards. There’s nothing serviceable on these signs, as most are glued together. If an LED strip goes out, there will be a dead spot on the sign.

If you’re planning to buy a sign and keep it for a while, neon is the way to go. Everything on a typical neon sign can be replaced or repaired if the need arises. Most beer signs since the early 2000’s contain glass and transformers manufactured in China. The newer signs will last a long time, but there is a difference in the quality of glass used in China vs. major brands of glass used here in the US. I have neon signs in my personal collection from the 1930’s and 1940’s that are still working.

If you start shopping for a neon sign, buy from a reputable dealer or a seasoned collector. There is so much crap available for sale and it’s very easy to buy something that you will regret buying later. There are large websites selling illegal copies of legitimate beer signs. They are located in Hong Kong, China, and right here in the US. Most of these companies also sell on eBay. The signs are usually priced cheaper than an authentic sign. Some offer “Free Shipping”. Another red flag is their shipping guarantee…if a part gets broken in transit, just email them and they will send you a replacement part immediately. Authentic replacement parts aren’t readily available to ship…they have to be bent from the factory patterns. That tells you that they make their own signs. Again, a counterfeit sign. Many of the transformers on these signs aren’t UL listed, creating a possible fire hazard for your home.

I am happy to assist you with any sign questions, even if you don’t buy from me. Remember, I am a collector first.



Email Feedback

Hello George ,
The pack has arrived , complete and functional.
Jurgen DW
(Belgium) on 10/27/23
Good Afternoon, received the light by UPS, followed the instructions, it worked like a dream. Too bad other vendors  can not ship a light without damages.
Thank You,
(zip code: 20882) on 9/7/2021

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Original Review:
I bought a neon sign from this company and had it shipped across country to my home. Unfortunately, despite being triple boxed, the neon arrived broken. Once the company was notified, I packed the sign back in its original boxes, UPS picked it up at my door, and a few days later my credit card was fully refunded for the sign and the shipping. Nothing short of outstanding service and the integrity to back up what they sell and ship. In my case, it was 50 year old glass. I will buy here again, no problem.
reviews from trygve f., (zip code: 98422) on 02/29/2020